About Eleven North

The ElevenNorth Story

Since 2001 I have held different sales positions in various industries with both large Fortune 500 companies and small privately-owned companies. My various sales jobs provided for my family, but I could not shake the feeling that there was something better out there for me. There was something else that I wanted to add into the mix. I often thought about what I really wanted to do and what would make me truly happy.  I began to realize that for quite some time, I had been intrigued by the artwork that I had seen on different t-shirt brands.  My appreciation for certain brands’ artwork grew, and so did my brand loyalty.  Over time, I felt this was something I could do with my own ideas and designs that I had created in my spare time over the years.

In 2009, I came across a business article in Inc. magazine.  The article profiled a few businesses that started very small but found great success.  Some of these businesses sold their products out of a suitcase or the back of a car. Specifically, there was a t-shirt company that I read a lot about. This was my launch pad (my a-ha moment).  I felt inspired. I knew what I liked and what I wanted to produce for others. I created a logo and a couple of designs that became the foundation of my business.  However, this first attempt came to a quick stop. The timing was off, there were other things happening in life that deserved my time and attention.

As the years went by, traveling for work became more and more involved. I quickly grew tired of nights and weeks away from my family and missing out on important events.  I was not moving towards that goal of creating my own brand.  I often thought about it, but never acted on it. For me, it was a big leap and very far out of my comfort zone.  How do I reinvent what I started years ago?   Where do I start? What products do I want to have and who can help?  I slowly came to realize one thing:  if what you are currently doing is not moving you towards your goal, then it is surely moving you away from your goal.

In early 2017, family and friends pushed me to sit down and make my dream happen. So, with their encouragement and support, that is exactly what I did. While the a-ha moment happened many years ago, it wasn’t until 2017 that I had the courage to start.  I want my brand to inspire people to try something new, an activity, a sport, a trip, whatever, just simply getting up, getting out and breaking the monotony of the day-to-day cycle we so often get ourselves into.  As a parent, I want to be able to try new things with my family, visit new places and explore what this country has to offer. Most importantly, I want to be able to go any direction I want at any given time.  Spontaneity is good and I want to incorporate more of it into life. Now, with my own company and my own brand I am able to do just that. It’s an amazing feeling when you start doing something that you truly want to do. You start to live a different kind of life.  Priorities become clearer and each day feels like a chance to grow.

In the spring of 2017 ElevenNorth Clothing Co was born. We are an lifestyle brand that is dedicated to connecting people with great outdoors by providing uniquely designed, top quality products that are practical for any adventure, activity or direction life takes you. Our inspiration comes from the eleven states that make up the northeast United States. This part of the nation is such a great place to be, explore and experience. It is an area that has no shortage of beaches, mountains, trails, lakes, rivers, forests, parks, historical sites, and more. It is an area that no matter which direction you go, you can experience the uniqueness of big cities, small towns and everything in between. Our goal is simple: Encourage people of all ages & skill levels to wander, explore & try new activities in the great outdoors. With a compass to guide you, now is the time to start creating your own direction.

Here at ElevenNorth we are creating our own direction – what’s yours?